Custom Jewelry For Any Occasion…


My desire to create jewelry evolved from many days spent sculpting clay. I discovered quickly that working in three dimensions came naturally and was an effective way to capture the textural elements that are so inspiring. When metal clay came on the scene, it seemed the perfect medium for my talents. I love making pieces that have simple yet strong design elements that give them ample versatility. All of my creations can be worn to a fancy dinner or with a pair of jeans. For me, the clasps and connections are nearly as important as the piece itself. I construct these oft forgot parts by hand to enhance the overall piece with the idea that design and construction go hand-in-hand and neither should be overlooked.

I took many fine arts classes at Washington State University in a range of media from clay sculpture to wire work, photography, painting, plaster and cement casting, before graduating in 2001.

While living in rural Japan from 2003 to 2007, I studied the rich textile history of that culture. The local grandmothers taught me to sew kimono and embroider the traditional way, by hand.

Whether practicing art under the guidance of internationally known artists, artists-in-residence, or through a self-taught mastery of a new technique, my focus remains. This most likely originated due to my love of textiles which I inherited from my mother. As a result I enjoy touching objects to revel in the sensations that result against my skin. I feel it is important to integrate these textural elements into my jewelry.

My latest line of Medical Information Bracelets was an idea that came from a very personal place. As a child, I developed Epilepsy for no real reason that anyone could discern. I was told I had to wear a Medic Alert bracelet but I hated the way it looked and that it drew attention to my problem. It was at a particularly inconvenient time because I was a teenager and didn't want much attention drawn to me anyway. It seems, even now, there isn't a lot to choose from if you want a quality piece of jewelry that conveys the necessary information to the people trained to look for it, but can be viewed as a beautiful piece of artwork to everyone else. My goal was to accomplish just that. I consulted with local Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Staff during the design process to ensure that the symbols and information would be recognized and easily readable at a quick glance before proceeding. I am working to also spread the word in the EMT community to disperse photos of my bracelets in training sessions so they are aware to look for bracelets other than the standards as more and more people are starting to desire this type of art jewelry to disseminate emergency information.

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